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Right here you will find the financial consultant you're looking for with the guidance you need and the control you want.

It's About You!

Your relationship with us is important.

At Ascent Wealth Management our highly personalized approach is focused on providing you with a sense of freedom and confidence for your financial future. Achieving your goals is our objective. Together we'll find the right solutions and opportunities for you, providing the essential advice to help you work towards your goals - a wealth management plan that goes beyond just investments.



You should trust someone who knows you. We take the time to truly understand your goals and objectives, getting to know you both personally and financially.

Sound Advice

Advice that is tailored to your own unique circumstances with the goal to maximize your wealth for every stage of your life.

Smart Decisions

We want to make money investing easy, low-stress and goal-oriented, so you can focus on what matters most. The greatest wealth is your peace of mind

  • Tax-reduction strategies

  • Retirement planning

  • Estate planning and preservation

  • Asset protection through insurance and annuity products

  • Investment management, including stocks and mutual funds

Why Us?

We have a different view of wealth management...YOURS!

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Our Approach

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Core Values

Ascent Wealth Management offers investment advice rooted in our core values...


The strength you require in a financial partner.


Performance that has stood the test of time.


Our ethics and high standards are the driving force behind every decision we make.

We Embrace Transparency.

There are in general two types of financial advisors:
1. The first type may have something to hide, so they may resist transparency.
2. The second type have nothing to hide, so they embrace transparency.

You might not know anything about transparency or how it helps you make better decision, but we do.

Transparency Is Everything.

At Ascent Wealth Management there is nothing hidden on our agenda, no additional motivation to anything we are recommending other than for your own financial well-being. You will always know that everything we do is for your best interest and that yours will always come before our own.

That’s The Value Of Transparency.